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RightHub consolidates your tools, reduces overhead and unlocks collaboration across all your stakeholders.

Not just another IPMS. Next generation IP management platform.

A fully featured IP management platform with everything you would expect for rights management, plus the ability to share with colleagues and external counsel, powered by AI.

Seamless, fast, and efficient communication.

Actively collaborate with your external counsel in platform. Share data in real time to improve your decision making.
Share your cases and collaborate on tasks with our activity feed.
Use AI to find relevant prior art and cited documents.

Portfolio management integrated with renewals and docketing.

Our global laws and rules prompts you to act where it’s needed. Find discrepancies on cases, generate tasks and complete events with ease.

Globally connected.

Find and engage with over 7.5k law firms on the RightHub platform who are ready to help process your next request almost anywhere in the world.
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Enhanced IP Operations.

With the ability to be fully integrated in the Microsoft suite, you can keep running your company using common MS tools (Outlook, Teams, Power Automate, etc) with the added benefit of our global laws and rules, document management, advanced analytics, and PTO connections.

Do more with less.

Save time and free up resources when you connect seamlessly to our managed services solutions, designed to minimise mundane tasks.
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Don’t just take our word for it

"I have had the pleasure of using Righthub's suite of tools over an extended period of time and have been consistently impressed with the results. The time-savings the tools provide by carrying out many of the more "mundane" tasks of patent preparation and prosecution, allow me to focus my efforts on the more strategic aspects of patent prosecution, ultimately generating more value for my clients. I am excited to see what the future has to bring.”
Fredrik Möllborn
U.S. Patent Agent and Partner Norens Patentbyrå AB
"I like the innovative approach employed in this AI-powered tool. By utilizing manually drafted claims as a foundation, it allows patent attorneys to focus on the exciting and creative aspects of claim drafting, which I greatly appreciate. The generated summary's quality surpassed my expectations, showcasing the tool's exceptional capabilities. I'm excited to see how this tool evolves and contributes to the field."
Mikko Piironen
European Patent Attorney – Papula Nevinpat
"Using the RightHub copilot AI drafting tool, we become more efficient in drafting patent specifications. Most importantly, we improve the quality of our patent drafting across the pool of new inventions. Thanks to the tool, we can foster a more inclusive and creative patent drafting process, in which inventors and patent attorneys are able to ‘convert’ inventions to patent drafts quicker. At the same time, the tool helps us explore the ‘idea landscape’ surrounding the invention to secure our uniqueness in a more controlled fashion."
Danielle Lewensohn, MSc, PhD
Director of IPR Management, RaySearch Laboratories AB


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