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Which is why we needed to think better.

There have been no real changes in software and services in IP for around two decades. It’s been a story of marginal gains with data still being moved around from one place to another and non-integrated point solutions.

And we took action.

We have helped shape the IP industry over the past 20 years and know a thing or two that could be improved.

One platform for all your IP.

Patents, Trademarks, Designs, in a single platform, powered with our AI and a platform that knits together a global agent network and professional community.

We work across the lifecycle

A single point solution just won’t cut it anymore. Our products and services are inter-connected, and where possible we deploy the power of AI to increase productivity and remove the mundane.

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The RightHub community is a connected network of IP professionals, that allows you to find people around the world and benefit from their knowledge and services.
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