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Information Security Review

We actively protect data with leading security features and protocols ensuring that both law firms and corporatipns can rest assured that their information is protected

Product Architecture

For those interested in a full product and service offering from RightHub using our Portfolio Management at the core.

Our platform is deployed as a full suite of products using (Google Cloud Platform GCP).

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For those looking to retain their existing IP Management System we provide standard API’s for two-way data exchange with the RightHub platform, enabling seamless access to our full service portfolio.

We supply a client portal enabling law firms to have a high-quality on-line engagement with their clients.

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Technical Architecture

RightHub Platform is a browser-based SaaS solution hosted in Google Cloud Platform.

It is built using a modern Java & React technology stack, made up of a number of services architected to leverage the inherent scalability, performance, and availability traits of underlying cloud services offered by Google.

These benefits are exposed directly to the customer as high availability and consistent performance through multi zone replication, and the ability effectively to scale infinitely as required. RightHub has achieved excellent availability by relying on highly resilient cloud services. To date we have experienced no unplanned outages, and our target is 99.9% uptime.

Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC)

Development Process

We work to a continuous delivery software process and rely heavily on automation.

We use fully automated CI/CD pipelines to build, test and deploy out software.

Our DevOps team use Infrastructure as Code (IAC) to ensure our environments are controlled and managed in a consistent manner.

Development Environments

We operate isolated development and test environments and will never use your data in a test environment without your permission.

Security Testing

We use automated scanning tools to ensure application dependencies are up to date and free from security vulnerabilities.

We have committed to commission external annual penetration tests.



Authentication is at the core of our security, and we have implemented an off-the-shelf cloud-based service to leverage their stability, breadth of function and high levels of security.

End-point security is enforced using a JSON Web Token (JWT). This links the user’s identity to granted per-service roles implemented consistently across our services through use of a core Identity and Access Management (IAM) library. This library controls data access, ensuring that users always have the relevant access to the data being read or written as part of fulfilling every request.

RightHub is a multi-tenant product, and the use of the above systems ensures the confidentiality of your data at all times.


Our systems have detailed data audit logging, keeping track of every change made to the data including by whom the change has been made by.

We use centralised logging for information and error messages, and these are retained for 90 days.

Data Encryption

All data at rest is encrypted using 256-bit AES encryption. All data in transit is encrypted using TLS v1.2+ encryption.

Backup Retention

Secure backups are taken every 24 hours and retained for 90 days. On top of this we use a high-availability setup across 2 zones meaning that in the case of a failure of a primary database, the secondary will take over within a matter of minutes with no data loss.

Data Privacy & Compliance


RightHub complies with GDPR regulations. We make limited use of personal data, none of it being Sensitive Personal Data. The type of data we do use is for user accounts and client contact details.

Given the commercially sensitive nature of the data and documents stored within our software, we treat the security of the limited personal data that we do store and process in the same manner as all other data within our systems.

Further information around data privacy can be found in our privacy policy which can be found on our website here.

Data is stored within the EU, primarily in Belgium.


Across the RightHub Group we are now fully certified and compliant with 27001:2022 standards, showing our commitment to keeping information safe. Our certificate is available upon request.

We are registered in the UK with the ICO (Information Commissioners Office) and our registration certificate is also available upon request.


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